Why you should visit Washington, D.C.

When someone saya to you of washington what would come out of your mind? This place is famous for many things and not just because of the White House although you cannot deny that it cannot be separated from it. They go together as they together exist for many long years. Washington is a place that is rich in history that you will be amazed to know much about it if you have not yet visit there.

Washington is a place that many tourists and also those who want to work wants to go to. Travellers come from all over the other continents and countries. They also want to see how the state have been and where the president lives. If you will travel here and ask someone where you should start your adventure they will surely point you to the national mall. It is not a mall for shopping but it is where you can see the rich history through the museums that the mall houses and all other sites.

You can find there the Zero Milestone wher it is the basis of measuring the distance on the maps of the united states. It became the capital of the nation in the year 1791. You will see additional hints on where to visit next that you will surely enjoy.  The monuments that stand strong symblozes the strenght of the nation that kept it strong for long years.