Who can Engage in Business?

Who is Business Person?

A business person is a person engaging in purchasing goods and sell it or a person purchasing raw materials and build his or her own product.

A business person is either and educated person or not. There are a lots of rich people around the world who didn’t even graduate from college yet successful businessman. Steve Jobs is a drop out from school for some reasons. Yet he became one of the richest people in the world. It does not mean that you have to stop from schooling.

A business person should have high spirit to overcome trials and hardships. After labouring, you will see the result of your daily sweat. There are times that your business will fail. Take heart. That will not be the end of everything. The moment you say that you are successful is when you have done all your best with everything you have and yet you still do not lose heart. Even if you fail to become one, if you have done your best you will still become a person with confidence.

A business person has a broad sight. A person has to see the needs of the people and coordinates with the workers to improve the quality of service and product. He must accept opinions from other people. He is gives opportunities to a person who wants to learn. He understands his employees’ incapability and directs them the correct way.  Unless they experience, they will never experience in learning. This is why many inexperienced job seekers would say that they have experiences due to fear of rejection.